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For more than 10 years we have been doing experiential marketing, creating emotions and unique memories, building awareness and increasing brand loyalty for our clients. We complement the international live marketing expertise and believe that any happening should be based on strategy and deep understanding of the brand.

Creativity based on high-end technical solutions and brand feeling, empowered by strategic approach, together with high level of execution and client service, made Louder one of the top experiential agencies of Russia.

Agency’s event portfolio includes projects of various scales and types: from huge integrated image events for the biggest global brands, that were globally considered as benchmarks and quickly became the talk of the town, to small happenings made with style and taste in frames of tough timings and budgets. 

It’s also important to mention what differs us from other agencies.

Louder’s true Force is the Team. Most of our senior producers and account directors work with the Agency for more than 5 years and that builds credibility both for the Agency and for the Client. We are a strong Family of professionals, who truly love what they do.

Your contact

Viktoria Shakhova

Viktoria Shakhova
Junior partner, Head of Event & Experiential

+7. 916. 607 54 52

E-Mail: v.shakhova@louder.ru