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Planning, organizing and conducting of press-events "turn-key".

Such specialized media events like press conference/breakfast/presentation – are effective PR tools for  personal communication of current information to relevant media.

Preparation for the event usually starts with a careful elaboration of newsbreak which brand will provide to the press. In accordance with the chosen topic and direction of the newsbreak, we develop a concept of the event. Then we offer the client to choose a format and a venue of the event from several options.

After the approval of the proposed plan, we prepare all related press materials, invite media, agreed by the client in advance and communicate with them about the general idea of the event.

Every press-event suggests the presence of one or more authoritative speakers that are relevant to the topic of the conference and interested in better informing the press on topical issues. This activity boosts additional interest from relevant media and also expands the comment opportunity for provided information.