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Organization of press tours for the media.

Planning and implementing of retreat for media with the aim at obtaining of objective publications from journalists about brand activities or particular significant newsbreak.

The process of press tour preparing starts with formulation of the main objectives of the visit and then we appoint the date, time and venue of the tour. Further, we develop a program of journalists’ trip: transfer, accommodation, meals, leisure activities and, of course, the official part. Once the schedule and budget agreed with the client, we sent to journalists our invitations to take part in the trip and then carry out accreditation.

The representative of the press-office of the company will accompany the journalists throughout the tour to coordinate group and program as well as inform media about brand activity or the event itself. At the end of the tour we provode the journalists with all dedicated press materials. The final stage of the press-tour is active communication of the press-office with journalists and follow-up monitoring publications with final report.