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Amazon and Apple may seem like competitors, but the true love can’t be cancelled. This April Vienna’s Belvedere Palace hosted a beautiful wedding between Siri and Alexa — the voice assistants operating on Apple smartphones and Echo smart speakers. The grand ceremony, held with the fanfare under the egis of Vienna Tourist Board, wasn’t just a gimmick for geeks: in fact, it supported one important cause.

Even though the voice assistants have no gender, according to tradition, they talk with the young women voices and, respectively, have female names. This served as an inspiration to the idea of A.I. marriage which was designed to drew attention the changes in Austrian legislation: starting of January 2019, Austria officially allows to register same-sex marriages.

Thus, Austria joins 15 countries in Europe and 25 countries in the world where gender is no obstacle for love. Weddings are for all, and love knows no borders – that’s were the main messages of the extravagant advertising campaign, which by the way drew attention to the annual Europride that took place in Austrian capital this June. Now Vienna, acknowledged already as the metropolis of art and enjoyment, got an additional opportunity to increase the flow of tourists.

The main focus in the campaign promotion was done in digital: the newlyweds got an official website of the wedding that contained their love story, photo and video recaps of the ceremony and the manual how to recreate the wedding by yourself.

The event itself was arranged on the highest level. Two marrying gadgets, lying on the magnificently decorated holders, declared their oaths of faith to each other and then embarked on a virtual honeymoon trip. The video of the genderless marriage of the «voices of artificial intelligence» gathered over 2,8 million views.