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The creative space & showroom designed by Anna Chistova and Dmitriy Loginov announces the launch of a new project. Make-up artist for Maybelline NY in Russia Uriy Stolyarov and Schwarzkopf Professional stylist Tatiana Nitchenko have teamed up with ARSENICUM and CHISTOVA.

Apartment26 was influenced by Andy Worhol’s “fabric” and involves four residents. High-profile stylists and make-up artists, participants of international projects, are offering guests a new experimental format, with the intensity of transformation available varying from a light styling to cosplay.

“We are four likeminded people who are successful in different areas. Our collaboration is diverse, as we all relate to the world of beauty, entertainment, film, music and, of course, fashion in different ways. Stirring each other’s energy and inspiration, we’re ready to surprise audiences and immerse them into the world of our fantasies,” says CHISTOVA designer Anna Chistova.


Ordinary girls, producers from integrated communications agency Louder, were invited to act as models and support the Apartment26 idea that every woman can feel like a new world heroine. Highlighting the models’ unique natural features and showing how completely different heroines can shape one story were the main challenges for the Apartment26 residents.

The film Sin City was chosen as a theme for the photography session. Anna Antonova, managing partner at Louder and a participant in the experiment, said that the first association with the transformation theme was superheroes. Girls at the agency create impressive projects and carry tremendous responsibility on their shoulders. Then came the idea of accentuating this by portraying the girls as real warriors and heroines.

 “Charlie’s Angels”-themed girls’ only nights out, retro-futurist pre-parties and other transformations are already available in December.


Nalbandyan Egine

Nalbandyan Egine
Corporate Communications Manager

E-Mail: e.nalbandyan@louder.ru