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Louder has around 20 events per year with tons of banners. We always were thinking about this amount & what we can change in terms of responsible consumption in our industry.
Thus, we decided to use banners after the project & create new gifts for clients & partners.
The idea came out from 30 days project Adidas Creators base, that became TOP3 fan-zone during FIFA2018 in Moscow.
The initiative of  Louder, integrated marketing communications agency, is to minimize the negative consequences for the environment. Banners are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, becoming the material for the production of fashionable shopper bags.
We are proud that many clients have already become interested in the project and invite our partners and other agencies to make a choice of responsible consumption and support the era of eco-communications!
With our UPCYCLING PROJECT we would like to show that even communication can be eco-friendly.