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Made For Bulleit is a project for which during 6 months masters of their crafts were creating in a collaboration with Bulleit unique items inspired with character and philosophy of the brand. The platform became a basis for collaborations in which the participants found new ways to apply their artistic skills.

Russia became a part of the global campaign dedicated to enthusiasts from all over the world. The project was previously carried out in Germany, Australia and other countries. Collaborations under the mark of  Bulleit across the globe prove that only co-working with likeminded people, socializing and experience exchange can enable to create something ultimately new and lead to outstanding results.

The idea of launching this project doesn’t belong to the brand Bulleit accidently. Its founder and ideologist, Tom Bulleit, 25 years ago found inner powers to change his life and lives of thousands of people alongside. Having almost nothing but a great desire to create and 150-years-old recipe of bourbon inherited from his great grandad August Bulleit, Tom left a successful career of lawyer and made his dream about restoring family whiskey-production business come true. The risk he took was rewarded - his enthusiasm and belief in his abilities led to the great result: today Bulleit is widely recognized around the globe.

7 young talented Russian local makers from different areas became the participants of the project in Russia. For makers collaborations with Bulleit became an important stage of their development and promotion. Amongst the participants are the producer of furniture and elements of interior Wood Deed, creators of hot sauce Bolt Hot Sauce, founder of jeans wear brand Plan B, original leather jackets producer Bats, founder of the shoe workshop Gottlieb Schwartz, constructor of handmade customized longboards Ma Longboards, the brand of bags and backpacks Nikita Gruzovik. Crafters, ideologists, founders are doing what they like best - create quality items in a limited edition.

About participants and collaborations:

Within the first collaboration Made For Bulleit x Bolt creative project’s participants made a sauce on the basis of bourbon Bulleit. After series of experiments with the recipe new product appeared which, thanks to heat-treated, does not contain alcohol whilst bourbon takes place in fermentation and gives final product taste and aroma of the drink. As a basis for illustrations on longboards from the second collaboration Made For Bulleit x Ma Longboards American symbols were taken, which reflect the spirit and values of the brand Bulleit: eagle - legend and freedom, original Bulleit bottle - America and traditions; wolf - nature and loyalty; motorcycle - speed, road, friendship and adventures; tattooed arms - challenge and character; snake with arrow - wisdom and legend. The collection consists of customized longboards in four sizes: 90, 120, 150 and 180 cm.

For collaboration Made For Bulleit x Nikita Gruzovik were invented the illustrations on the subject "The adventure of dinosaur in Kentucky". Kentucky is Bulleit’s motherland, and dinosaur is a favourite character of Nikita Gruzovik. Dinosaur with an axe and a bottle of Bulleit goes on an adventure to freedom and search of new and unknown in Kentucky, state described in novel by James Fenimore Cooper "The Last of the Mohicans". For collaboration Made For Bulleit x Gottlieb Schwartz brand’s founder Andrey Zhakevich decided to create something unordinary - classics in the new interpretation. Andrey released new capsule collection of shoes with men and women derby in which he used a sole with whiskey in the heel. The designer soaked shoe leather in bourbon and burnt it to achieve the unique color and texture.

On creation of collection Made For Bulleit x Bats Masha Kalashnikova was inspired by an image of rebel and freedom, associations the designer gets from Bulleit. The collection consists of men jackets. On the backs of leather bomber jackets from a new capsule collection are revolutionary slogans spelled in Cyrillics: «Young means immortal», «Under the cobblestones, the beach», «Fail harder». Bravery is a symbol of rebel and driver for everything new.

For collaboration Made For Bulleit x Plan B special new jeans were invented, made of American selvedge denim with unbleached turn-ups, rye colour stitches, special leather patch and small secret surprise: in the process of wearing on the back pocket of these jeans recognizable silhouette of Bulleit bottle appears. Also, on the inside pocket there is an image with the key values of brands Plan B and Bulleit: freedom x strength, fairness x strength, character x power, Plan B x Bulleit. Within the collaboration Made For Bulleit x Wood Deed construction of mobile interactive bar was developed. It is a massive construction produced out of naturally aged oak and beechwood, with metal inserts. It is exactly these kinds of wood are being used for production of barrels which are used for brewing of famous Bulleit bourbon. The «trolley» involves presence of interactive element, special gears which spin shaker and mix all cocktail ingredients. Barman composes a drink, whilst mechanism makes all the technical work.

The ability to defend and release personal ideas is extremely vital. But much more important these days is to unite and find common grounds. This is the main goal of Bulleit brand all over the world - to bring together people for who barriers become new opportunity.



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