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The first cyber football championship in Russia Lawson Cup attracted some 30,000 active players and perpetuated this communication method as an effective channel for brand promotion.

Audience insights helped devise provocative communications reflective of the spirit of the Cup's young audience. Two things are especially important to young mens :Gaming And Pranking. To appeal to this coveted target group, Lawson’s Whisky launched a crazy promotion, combining gaming and pranking into a whole new sport: Prankball.

A sophisticated feat of engineering, the prank chairs paid homage to young people's eternal tradition of playing pranks on each other. During official Cup matches players could play pranks on each other using various appliances built into their chairs in a bid to force each other to make mistakes.


Alongside the core digital component, the Lawson’s Cup was extensively introduced offline at three super-badass parties – at the opening, semi-final and final of the championship.

The main games took place on the online hub - http://lawsonscup.com. The platform has accumulated all the information about the tournament, provided chat for communication, the ability to search for an opponent of the desired level, as well as a tournament live grid with a rating. The web hub was also adapted and used in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

All these mega-pranks were streamed live on the most top-notch gamers resource – Twitch TV.

Viewers could follow all the action in real time via the Twitch channel that has become this year's biggest innovation. Live broadcasts increased the audience reach and engagement while also demonstrating the ability of the Lawson Cup to compete with the now traditional international virtual competitions that draw thousands upon thousands of spectators all over the world.

To get even cooler and more 'no-rules’, we kitted out a 7-storey tower in the heart of Moscow. Apart from badass parties, the best twitchers from all around Russia battled it out in the Tower.

In support of the Cup was launched a special project - "Online radio without ceremony." Within a month «NO RULES» anchormen Yuri Dud and Alexey Andronov commented on the main matches of EURO-2016 with the broadcast on the web-hub, Radio FM and sports.ru.

Active CMM-support through its own social networks and relevant groups broadcast the results of games, activations and new ideas for fringes. The motivation of the participants was supported by the ambassadors involved in the Lawson Cup.

Lawson’s friends and ambassadors – rapper ST, commentator Yuriy Dud, actor Sam Nicholl and Kefir, the Russian FIFA champion, actively promoted the Cup on social networks.


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